The Complementary Collection

Understanding the Complementary Range

Electric elements are designed to fit inside both plumbed or non plumbed towel rails, this allows the rails to function when the central heating is switched off.
Non Thermostatic elements maintain a constant temperature at which the rail will stay. Thermostatic elements allow you to control the temperature of the rail to a desired heat.
Timed Thermostatic elements benefit from the addition of a drying function which means that the rail can be turned on for a specific time period as required.

Get to know your valves

The type of radiator valve you will need is dependent on the position of the radiator valve inlets that your new radiator requires and the position of the central heating supply flow and return pipes that your radiator feeds off. See the information on the below.

Manual Radiator Valves

Manual Radiator Valves work like a tap, you can turn the top of the valve to allow more or less water into your radiator.


Thermostatic Radiator Valves (TRVs)

Unlike manual valves TRVs can self regulate. This means it takes into account the room temperature ensuring the radiator works at a maximum room temperature.



The finishing touch to any radiator is a pipe sleeve, this is a great way to conceal plumbing pipework in a neat and tidy fashion.


Smart Elements

Smart elements offer greater functionality with an electronic temperature sensor, allowing precise temperature control.


T - Pieces


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